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Air conditioners are very vital in our homes and workplaces as they filter and circulate fresh air, lower the temperatures and generally create a better environment whether you are working, studying or just relaxing. Below are factors that you should put into consideration before installing an air conditioner.

Price Charged

It is advisable to weigh options before deciding where to get your air conditioner. Questions to ask yourself include, is the price affordable? Are there any discounts or offers I can take advantage of and what are the terms and conditions for purchase? Are there any after-sale services like free installation? It would be wise to consult with an expert to get clarity on such matters so that you can make an informed decision.

Efficiency Rating

An energy guide label showing the EER and SEER usually come attached to new air conditioners. Ensure that you read it to get an understanding of your air conditioner’s efficiency ratio before actually installing it.


Consider involving a professional as you do not want your air conditioning system failing sometime in the future due to poor fitting or some dust or dirt that might have leaked.

Cooling Capacity

When settling for an air conditioning unit, you must ensure that it’s suitable for your home. Make sure to ask yourself questions like:

  1. How big is your home?
  2. How many rooms are there?
  3. How many doors, windows and ventilation are there?

You will need an air conditioning unit with more cooling power if you have a big home, and the reverse holds.


Just like any machine needs servicing, your air conditioner does too. In a bid to ensure its efficient running all the time, you need to arrange for its maintenance on regular intervals. Just as you expect it to take care of the air you inhale, take care of it too.

Air conditioners are just like any other appliances in our homes, and we should take due care to ensure that the proper and most suitable unit is installed and maintenance measures are put into place. Remember to put the above-discussed factors before installing your air conditioner. For better installation options, visit us today.

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