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As the seasons begin to change and the winds begin to blow a little harder, you may think that it is time to put away your air conditioner for the year. However, there may come a time when you will need to continue running your air conditioning unit throughout the year because there will be stretches throughout the year when the weather will be warmer than expected or anticipated. There will eventually come a time when the low temperatures will stick around, and the warm weather will not come in until spring.

Before you ignore your air conditioner for the remainder of the season, there are some things you should know. While your air conditioning may not need any maintenance this season, turning off your air conditioning unit and not paying attention to can result in a damaged unit. Your air conditioning unit can suffer some damage over the winter season that could prevent you from using it again immediately when the weather warms up. 

When you shut down your air conditioning unit for the season, it does not mean you just use your thermostat to turn off the AC. If there is an unexpected warming period, your AC unit can turn on for a short period of time. If your air conditioning unit turns on after experiencing periods of cold weather and/or rain, it could result in water unexpectedly making its way into your air conditioning unit. If you want to completely turn your air conditioning unit off for the season, you can turn off the electrical power to the condenser unit. 

After turning off your air conditioning unit for the season, we recommend setting aside some time to clean the condenser unit. You will likely find that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly, especially if you find a significant amount of leaves, dirt, dust, etc. around the unit. After you have cleaned and washed your unit, you may want to fully cover your unit to ensure that it is protected throughout the season. Covering your unit can help prevent any water, dirt, and debris from getting into your unit. Taking the proper steps to maintain your AC unit this year will make sure your unit will not be damaged and will be ready for future use. 

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