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Routine maintenance of your AC is a sure way to save time and money that you would incur if it broke due to being abandoned. In some cases, you will need the services of a professional repairer, while in others, the repairs can be minor, and therefore easy to handle by yourself. There are three easy core that you ought to follow as you work on servicing your AC; 

  • Change the air filter
  • Clean the spring
  • Assess the performance of the AC 

For a deeper insight, read how you can execute each of the above-mentioned steps. 

Change the Air Filter 

Changing your AC’s filter only requires you to know which filter is appropriate and suitable for your environment. Basically, you will need to locate the filter slot then slide out the old and insert the new filter. Moreover, some factors, such as whether you have children and pets, apply when deciding how often you should change your filter. In this regard, it is recommended to change it every 30 days if you have pets or there are individuals with allergies living in the house. However, when all factors are held constant, filters should be changed every 90 days. 

Clean the Spring    

Spring cleaning requires you to first ensure that all indoor vents are clean. From there, use bleach and water to clean the drain to prevent algae buildup, and consequently to keep the AC functioning efficiently. Third, confirm that the AC does not have any debris such as leaves which can lead to blockage thereof. Worth noting here is you should avoid opening the unit; if you are unable to carry out the process without opening it, you may consider consulting a professional. 

Assess the Performance of the AC 

After changing the filter and cleaning the spring, you can go ahead and start the AC to see how it operates. If it is working normally, you will notice your house becoming cooler. You may also notice a smell the first time you start it; do not fret, the AC is getting rid of dust that may have settled on it. If the unit does not function as you had expected, then the problem might be beyond the basic knowledge, and this is where you reach out to an expert for professional help. 

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