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Just like any other appliance in your home, an air conditioner needs to be serviced regularly. Despite the age and model of your air conditioner, it needs to be serviced and maintained in order to prevent costly repairs down the line. The problem, however, is that most homeowners don’t know what to look for when determining if air conditioning repair is necessary. Unfortunately, it’s possible to need air conditioner repair without even realizing it, because a broken AC is not always one that just won’t run. Be on the lookout for these four warning signs and stay in control of the comfort and safety of your home.

  1. Reduced Airflow

If you can feel the cool air when your hand is near the vent, but you can tell that is isn’t blowing hard enough, you may have an issue with your motor or fan. Chances could be that the filters are blocked or clogged. If this is not the case, the compressors need to be checked or need replacement.

  1. Blowing Hot Air Instead of Cold

If air is coming out, but it is not cool, you could have an issue with your AC refrigerant. If your AC unit regularly starts pumping in warm air, you should consult your air conditioner service provider and ask them to service it.

  1. Increased Energy Bills

Whenever your air conditioner is faulty, it becomes inefficient, and that translates to increased energy bills. You might feel like the room still maintains its level of coolness, but the truth is that the air conditioner is struggling to maintain a proper temperature.

  1. Strange Noise and odor

If your air conditioner is operating in good condition, it should be almost quiet with no smell at all. If it makes some noise, it could be because of some mechanical problems and the odor would mean some moisture that has dried up in the filters. Having your AC unit serviced would effectively eliminate all these problems.

To have your conditioner well serviced and maintained, contact us, and we will be glad to assist you.